Early Voting Has Begun

Download Our 2020 Texas Election Voter Guide

Early voting has started in Texas. It will run from Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020 to Friday, Oct. 30, 2020 from 7AM - 7PM. Download our "Texas Statewide Voter Guide" and be a more informed voter.

Texas Muslims Vote

Join the movement to empower Texas Muslims, have our voices heard, and make our impact through voting! We are dedicated to turning out the #TexasMuslimsVote. On this platform you can register to vote, volunteer to help the movement, have your organization partner with us, and join our photo and video campaign to encourage our community to turnout in 2020.

Get Involved

Pledge to Vote

Signup and take the pledge to vote. Our team will reach out to you to remind you to vote, talk about mail in ballots, and encourage you to participate in our #TexasMuslimsVote photo and video campaign.

Register to Vote

Click below to check if you're registered to vote. If not, you can register online in less then 30 seconds. In Texas there is a two step process to register. First, register online and then we'll mail you the form to sign.

Volunteer Today

We need volunteers to encourage your community to vote, make calls, help get others registered, and much more. If you're looking for volunteer hours and want to make a difference signup today.

Partner with Us

We need amazing organizations, schools, Masjids, youth groups, college associations just like yours to partner with us to rock the vote! Become a partner today and help get the community to vote.

Support Our Campaign to Turn out the TX Muslim Vote

Help Create Some Online Buzz

Join the #TexasMuslimsVote Photo & Video Campaign

The Photo Campaign

Send us your photo and a sentence on why voting is important to you. We'll use them to create an image that to encourage Texas Muslims to vote. Our goal is to get hundreds of these from across the state of Texas to create buzz to get our community out to vote.

Join The Video Campaign

 Use your phone or other recording device to talk about why voting is important to you. Try to keep your video around a minute, but if you go over no worries. We're hoping to get dozens of videos from community leaders, Imams, activists, young people, and everyday Muslims to create buzz around voting.

Our Amazing Partners

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